Abram C. Isola

Chief Executive Officer

Abram Isola is an experienced programmer and businessman. He has experience starting and running businesses and projects and teaching others to do the same. Abram has over 12 years of programming experience and is impeccably self-educated in computers, engineering, systems, analytics, digital strategy, and business. He continues to educate himself on all topics and build on his background knowledge to become an even more affluent businessman.

Abram is also the winner of the AdFed #32under32 award, 2015.

In his free time, Abram indulges in life with his family and friends and pursues his hobbies. He is very interested in his heritage and enjoys researching his Finnish roots, and can also be found singing or playing his guitar.

His Strengths Finder 2.0 Results are Analytical, Arranger, Command, Developer, and Maximizer.

Greg Isola

President/Chief Creative Officer

Duluth, Minnesota native and long-time Minneapolis resident Greg Isola has been researching his Finnish family history since 1978 and engaged in self-study of the Finnish language since 1979. Growing up as the youngest of five, Greg heard Finnish spoken between his parents and among the larger community of his extended family and friends. He had 3 grandparents, 3 great-grandparents, and 3 great-great-grandparents who all emigrated from Finland during 1879-1911 within the context of the Great Laestadian Migration.

After a career in finance and computers, Greg has been immersed now for many years in using his research and investigative skills to study Finnish-American history, including the Finns on the Titanic which culminated in a day-long presentation event on the centennial in 2012 and most recently the 150th anniversary of the start of modern Finnish immigration to America resulting in many presentations over a few years. In 2016, he is pursuing the credential Certified Genealogist® (CG®) and working with his son Abram Isola on business and genealogy software.

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