Finnesota is a full-service business technology and design company, established in 2013. We are first and foremost a development and engineering shop which also deals with analytics and digital strategy. We format and develop custom websites and applications, help manage your online presence, convert existing websites to offer more control and versatility, and explain digital and social media strategy. Each and every product and project meets our strict standards for Quality Design, Extraordinary Development, and Intelligent Analytics. This business model allows us to ensure that your business, web, and application needs are met.


Quality Design

Finnesota takes quality very seriously. We review every product and project we work on to make sure it meets and exceeds our standards of Quality Design. Everything produced at Finnesota will be of exceptional design and will fulfill your requests and needs.


Extraordinary Development

At Finnesota, our work is always well-developed. Whether we work on a website or an application, all will be marked by our Extraordinary Development. No corners will be cut, we will meet and exceed expectations, and our development will be as promised.


Intelligent Analytics

All Finnesota projects and products are based in Intelligent Analytics, guaranteeing that the business strategies behind our work are sound and intelligently designed, giving you the best chance of success. Our digital strategy allows for intelligent business decisions.

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